The Hunt for Red October – Tom Clancy

Okay, so I work in I.T. As a result of this, I know more than my fair share of acronyms – both three-letter and otherwise.

This notwithstanding, I found this book bewildering in the extreme. Not because it reads like stereo instructions (it does) and not because of the acronyms (after all, they are spelled out in English the first time each one is named). Well, ok, the acronym’s were a part of it – by the time I was 75% of the way through, all the major technical terms and acronyms had been defined and were therefore used freely. In huge, opaque, paragraph-sized chunks. But they weren’t the main problem.

My problem is, simply put, this: This is a book about a submarine. Tom Clancy writes with utter conviction and passion. Which left this question echoing in my big ol’ empty head.

How, in the name of all that’s sacred, can ANYONE get SO WORKED UP about a sodding submarine??

I mean, really!

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