Ardurous Knobblings

Toraiz AS-1, Korg MS-20, MicroKorg, Volca Beats

A Sad Day. 

Korg MS20, Prophet ’08, Modular Synthesizer, Moog Mother-32

Astrodroid Habdabs

Modular Synthesizer

Canis Major

Modular Synthesizer, Arturia Microbrute


MicroKORG, MIDI, Loops, Vocal

East Berlin, 1946

Modular Synthesizer


Toraiz AS-1, Korg MS-20, Moog Mother-32


Yamaha CS-80


Fire, MicroKorg, Korg MS-20

Everything Burns

MicroKORG, Loops, Vocal

Forbidden Planet

Modular Synthesizer, Moog Mother-32, Korg MS-20, DSI Prophet ’08

Harmony in Space

Banjo, Theremin

Interface Introductory

Korg MS-20, Toraiz AS-1, Volca Beats, MicroKorg


MicroKORG, MIDI, Loops, Vocal

Lazy John

Shackleton Banjo, Nechville Banjo, Epiphone Acoustic Guitar, Arturia Microbrute, Vocal

Losing Ground on the Merry-go-round

Modular Synthesizer

Nice to be in Orbit

DSI Prophet ’08, Modular Synthesizer, Moog Mother-32, Korg Ms-20, Volca Beats

On the Hill above the Valley

MicroKORG, MIDI, Loops, Vocal

One Day

Modular Synthesizer, Volca Beats, Korg MS-20, MicroKORG, Vocal

Saturday at Ingrid’s

Novation Circuit, Moog Mother-32, Toraiz AS-1

Self Control

Modular Synthesizer


Modular Synthesizer


Modular Synthesizer, MicroKORG

Shining Girl

MicroKORG, MIDI, Loops, Love, Vocal


Toraiz AS-1, MicroKorg, Volca Beats


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