Careless Talk

My latest book, Careless Talk, has just been published. It’s currently available via Amazon’s Kindle Store and in multiple formats from

“You saw the winged men – we did what we could. But mortals are fragile and the Opposition are not. I am not justifying what we have done, only explaining why we need a Treaty.” – Gabriel

“Drowning’s all fine and well, but it’s a grand day for a hanging!” – Belloq

“And here I am, older than the world, transfixed by a dream and brought to this low state by a being whose very existence is but a speck of dust on the glassy surface of eternity.” – James

The battle for the future of humanity has been raging for millennia.

A race of almost divine immortals, the beings identified as the Angels, Demons, Gods and Monsters of human legend,  have laid aside their eternal conflict and formed an uneasy truce.

On one side are The Protectorate.

On the other, The Opposition.

The truce can only be upheld while the treaty agreed by both sides is held inviolate: There shall be no direct interference in the affairs of mortals unless they pose a threat to the supernatural world beyond the veil of mortality.

Not everyone wants the treaty to stand.

When James, performing his duty as an officer of the Protectorate, is sent to investigate the possible unearthly abilities of a mortal girl, something extraordinary happens – something for which he and his immortal companions are utterly unprepared.

Someone is manipulating James’ actions. And James is one of The First – in possession of The Name.

The Name which holds the power of creation.

The Name which holds the power to end everything.


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