Creating a Bramble

So, my current Raspberry Pi cluster isn’t really a true cluster – it’s really just a bunch of individual machines running BOINC which happen to all netboot off a single node. Other than basic configuration and filesystem provision, there’s no real oversight of the day-to-day running of the machines.

All of this is about to change as I transition the cluster over to a true Kubernetes cluster. I’ll still have a head node, and it’ll still provide netboot services, but rather than a full O/S, the netboot will just provide enough configuration to allow the machine to act as a Kubernetes pod.

Once the cluster is in place, the control node will be able to allocate BOINC jobs using a little self-contained BOINC client I’ve put together based on Debian Buster. If you want to pull the docker image for this, it’s nelefa/boinc-pod:1.2

It can be instantiated and attached to a World Community Grid account with something like:

sudo docker run nelefa/boinc-pod:1.2 –attach_project <api key>

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