Series or Parallel

I appear to have some difficulty when it comes to series. Inasmuch as I seem to be incapable of reading the whole series from start to finish.

For example, at the moment, I’ve read the first three books of “The Dark Tower”, by Stephen King; the first book of “Warlord”, by Bernard Cornwell; and have just started the prologue to “The Shannara Epic” by Terry Brooks.

I think this has started happening since the sorry tragedy of Harry Potter, when there was a 2 year wait between books. Previous to that, I have no problem chuntering through “Necroscope”‘s five books.

So, I’m going to break the cycle. I’m going to stop “First King of Shannara” (I’m only a couple of chapters in) and finish “Warlord” – they’re all on my Sony Reader anyway. After that, I’ll attack the rest of “The Dark Tower” (which I’ll have to buy first – yay for!), and then come back to “Shannara”. 

After that, I’m going to spend some time reading books that actually finish the story in a single bloomin’ volume.

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  • So, you’re the one that bought that Sony Reader.

    What’s up with books dude?

  • I would PREFER to buy actual physical books! The trouble is, I read at least one and usually two or three books every week and I just don’t have the space. I used to follow the mantra “books are not furniture” and hand them in to the charity shops every now and again, but then found myself buying the same book for the third time 🙂

    So, unless someone can design dimensionally transcendental bookshelves, the Sony Reader will have to do. Which is ok, really, as it’s a true thing of beauty.

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