Autumn has arrived

And by God, has it arrived with style. After a very active outdoor Spring and Summer, I’m enjoying the delights of keeping warm on cold days. Lots of gigs in pubs, lots of reading on the sofa, even a whistle-stop dash to Wales and back, just for the lols. 

In addition to the joys of reading, I’ve been spoiled for game releases over the last few months; Red Dead Redemption on the PS4, Monster Hunter and Diablo III on the switch. In the near future the Switch is also getting Civilisation VI and Elite Dangerous is getting a major update. Looking forward to spending some downtime with them.

It’s not all indoor joy, though – boaty things need doing – I have the hull to pressure wash ready for wintering. Other winter maintenance (which probably won’t start till February or March, depending on the weather) include reapplying a gelcoat to the deck and putting anti-slip on the walkways. I’m also planning to run a new boom uplift up the mast and fit lazyjacks to allow me to store the mainsail on the boom instead of taking it off after every sail.

My wee bike will be getting packed away for the winter in a week or two as well. Not quite ready for it yet, but we’re beginning to see sub-zero temperatures overnight so it’ll probably get done next weekend. 

I really wish I could hibernate 🙂

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