On the 30th of September, 2018, a bunch of hairy and disreputable Fife biker types donned their least scruffy clothes and thundered up the coastal road from Kirkcaldy to St Andrews as part of a fundraiser for men’s mental health and prostate cancer. 

Waves were given, dogs were frightened, and a stupendous amount of money was raised. Many thanks to all involved.

It’s probably a little early to say it’s the last event of the year (and what a year it’s been!), but things are certainly beginning to wind down a little. The little boat comes out of the water on the 5th so there’ll be the usual winter maintenance to look forward to. As the colder weather creeps in, I should really see if the car still works. I’ll ride in anything except ice – been there, done that, bounced off the tarmac 🙂

So, I expect I’ll be hanging up the outdoor gear and replacing it with good beer, good food, good books, open fires, and good company for a few months.