Raspberry Pi 3B+

It’s been a while since The Temple had some maintenance. It’s been hosted on a variety of machines over the years; an SGI Indy, a Sun ELC, various FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD and Solaris PCs, and a couple of Virtual Machines running Ubuntu.

With home broadband running at perfectly acceptable speeds and the increasing availability of extremely low cost and reasonably powered devices like the above, it was only a matter of time before I moved the site out of the datacenter and into my living room. 

We’re now running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and performance, while a little slower than before, seems to be absolutely fine. The Pi is running Raspian Etch (to keep it inline with the version of Ubuntu the previous VM was running – mostly to make it easy to port over the code for Karl’s website – http://www.cookingwithkarl.co.uk).

All things considered, this is an excellent solution to the long-term hosting of the site. Only thing left to do is streamline the O/S a little (Raspian installs a lot of unnecessary guff) and set up backups.