The Horse Whisperer (1998)

M’okay, overbearing workaholic mum takes extremely traumatised daughter and her equally traumatised horse to see Robert Redford. Redford is, apparently, a horse whisperer and is able to settle and calm the most disturbed of beasts. Presumably, it’s the horse he’s to look after, and not the daughter.

Anyway, horse is healed, daughter is healed, workaholic mum is healed – romance ensues. Except she is, of course, already married. Confusion ensues. Then they all, quite inexplicably, go home.


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  • The book is MUCH better than the film. One of his other books The Smoke Jumpers is even better.

  • I can quite believe it. It felt as though the script was being held back by cumbersome cinematography. Robert Redford did a splendid job of holding the whole thing together, but in the end it was just too one-sided. The ‘heroine”s married life was so quickly dismissed and two dimensional that her decision to up and go home at the end really made little sense.

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