Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate box artAnd so it continues. I’m about 140 hours in now and ploughing through the 7 and 8 star quests, and I’ve ever started doing a bit of the online stuff. I finally got a nice checkmark on the 6 start quest section today by getting around to doing the annoying egg-fetchy-quest. It turns out it wasn’t nearly as annoying as it could have been (i.e. no rampaging Deviljho to avoid) and was done in under 5 minutes.

I’m now kitted out with a rather fetching set of S rank Diablos armour and have switched my primary from Dual Swords to Long Swords (due to everything getting a bit too tall for my little swords to reach) and I’m really enjoying the mechanic. Things are starting to get difficult though – many of the high rank quests involve ganking more than one beastie at a time, and given some of them take a good 50 minutes to take down alone, the search for better gear is pretty much constant. Not even vaguely close to finishing this one yet 🙂