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Nov 07 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate box artAnd so it continues. I’m about 140 hours in now and ploughing through the 7 and 8 star quests, and I’ve ever started doing a bit of the online stuff. I finally got a nice checkmark on the 6 start quest section today by getting around to doing the annoying egg-fetchy-quest. It turns out it wasn’t nearly as annoying as it could have been (i.e. no rampaging Deviljho to avoid) and was done in under 5 minutes.

I’m now kitted out with a rather fetching set of S rank Diablos armour and have switched my primary from Dual Swords to Long Swords (due to everything getting a bit too tall for my little swords to reach) and I’m really enjoying the mechanic. Things are starting to get difficult though – many of the high rank quests involve ganking more than one beastie at a time, and given some of them take a good 50 minutes to take down alone, the search for better gear is pretty much constant. Not even vaguely close to finishing this one yet 🙂


Aug 05 2013

The Laggy Ass of Lagiacrus

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate box artOh, he’s a pain in the arse, isn’t he? So, I’m currently wearing two bits of Barroth armour (head and belt) and the rest is Jaggi. I’m using upgraded Ludroth Pair (dual swords) and doing a fair bit of damage, but that thunder attack keeps wreaking bloody havoc on me.

The good news is that a full set of Barroth armour will give me a nice thunder resist bonus. On top of that, some nice ThunderRes decorations will boost it a little more. The trouble is, the three parts of Barroth armour that I’m missing all need Fertile Mud and that just seems to be refusing to drop for me.

I think I’m going to take the approach of trying captures, as it seems to drop more frequently in capture rewards than it does just by whacking the mud off him and collecting the sparklies. Sigh.

Jul 25 2013

Monster Hunter & Earthbound

More monster huntering. Lots more – I appear to have clocked up a little over 24 hours play time. Not entirely sure how, as I have very limited time for gaming! Anyway, I’ve been hunting many big ugly things and have just upgraded my weapons to Ludroth Blades. Had a fairly lengthy multiplayer session with #2 son – the connectivity between 3DS and Wii-U is very cool. Still HR1 online, though, but there’s time 🙂

In addition, Earthbound was (finally) released on the VC. It’s really lovely – some great game mechanics and genuinely funny dialogue.

Jul 21 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate box art50 minute quest with one objective. Kill a Qurupecu.

49 minutes later, I limp back to the village with no health, no potions, no whetstones, and proudly carrying a bunch of feathers.

Chased the damn thing round the map for AGES. I suspect I need to upgrade my dual-blades…

Jul 18 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii-U)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate box artI’m going on a bear hunt! I’m looking for a scary one! As the song goes. Well, I certainly did find a scary one – he’s an Arzuros and his picture is down the bottom there. For this quest, I had to weaken him to a point where the tranquiliser would be effective. This involved wailing on him with dual-blades for a good twenty minutes. The trouble is, the animation is so flawless that it was kind of upsetting to do. Okay, at the start of the level he’s all drool and rage and swipey claws, but by the time I’d worn him down a bit he was limping from area to area and falling over when he tried to charge. Poor beastie.


Anyway, consider him captured. Now – I’m off to farm Great Jaggis to upgrade my armour…

Oh – also, the ability to move the savegame between the 3DS and Wii-U (and back again) is awesome. As long as you remember to move it back again when you’re done 🙂

Jul 15 2013


Worst. Setup. Ever.

Tonight consisted of:

1. Putting the hardware together, cabling up etc.

2. Wrestling with the networking for the best part of an hour to get it to connect. In the end – I took all the spaces out of the SSID, did a manual setup and used static IP addressing and Google’s nameservers. Then it worked. Sadly, it demonstrated it was working by…

3. Spending two hours downloading an update.

4. Next up, I made a backup copy of my 3DS’s 32Gb memory card (and lucky I did – as you’ll soon hear).

5. Spent an hour doing a content migration from the Wii to the Wii-U.

6. Created profiles, added friends, stuck monster hunter in the drive.

7. Discovered a slight hiccup in the Monster Hunter 3DS<->Wii-U migration system. It moves the WHOLE DATAFILE, not individual users. Which is annoying as #2 Son has a fairly advanced player on my 3DS. The idea is we’d be able to do multiplayer between the 3DS and Wii-U. But the saves can only exist in one place at a time. Wait! Remember that backup I took of the 3DS SD card? You guessed it. Created #2 son an account on the Wii-U. Each account has its own datastore. Moved the save (including his player) to his account. Turned off the 3DS. Stuck the SD card in the Mac and copied the backup I made over. Booted up – yuss! Saves recovered to the 3DS. So, we can both play on the Wii-U and 3DS – we just need to be careful who copies what where…


It’s all going to end in tears, isn’t it?


I’m going to bed. I might get a go tomorrow 🙂

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