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So, I’m writing again, which is good. I’m in the right kind of mental position to do a half decent job of it, so I’m happy with that. But it really is slow-going. Careless Talk is real-world dark fantasy – which is to say that a fair amount of it requires real-world settings and the real-world laws and rules generally apply.

So why am I telling you this? Well, it’s a funny thing. When I say I’m writing again, I’ve actually spent four days reading and taking notes and haven’t actually put a single word in the manuscript. Careless Talk is currently standing at about 35,000 words – about a quarter of the length the first draft will end up. But I must have at least that many words in notes as well, and must have read at least 10 times that amount. In order to get where I currently am, I’ve researched:

  • Seances and mediums
  • Angels, archangels, nephilim, demons and all things spiritual
  • The architectural history of Chambers Street Museum in Edinburgh
  • The geography, flora and fauna of East Texas, Mount Olympus, Massachusetts , Glencoe, Babylon and Troy
  • How to sail a 19th Century trading ship, how many crew it needs, what they’re called and how they’d spend the day
  • The religious rituals of the Ancient Babylonians

Honestly, I’m knackered, and I’ve barely written a thing!

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