Mac Envy

My lovely lady wife has Mac Envy. It’s a terrible thing to see. She was wrestling with MS Office this morning and was practically turning purple. So, I’ve been commanded to “Get Her A Mac”. Thing is, we’ve been stuck with the PeeCee for over a year now and she’d kinda got used to the whole “fighting against the operating system” thing. Until, that is, she saw my shiny MacBook.

So there we go – mission for 2008 is “Get Debbie an iMac.”

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  • Does it have to be a desktop? I’ve got a mate who works at the Cancom (ex. Scotsys) store in Edinburgh and he emailed me last week to say that they were selling off older stock of MacBooks and MBPs cheap at the moment. Starting at 599 for the previous generation of MacBook which is 100 less than the basic price at the apple store.

  • Wee MacBooks are incredibly cute. They arent annoying cos you can actually dae stuff on them without the computer grinding to a halt and being very naughty. Oh how I miss the iMac. We were an apple household once……… (stares out the window dreamily…). (as an afterthought do you get MacBooks in pink????)

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