KMyMoney – Update

After a fairly lengthy compile (hey, it’s a KDE app) I had 99% of my concerns addressed as soon as the application booted.

Right there, on the home page, is exactly the information I was looking for – not just my current balances, but what they’ll be in 5,10, 40, etc days.

I quick rummage through the new interface reveals a wealth of new features which go even further than Money in a lot of ways:

  • Each account can now be given a hard and soft limit. For example, you can set your current overdraft limit in your current account and even tell KMyMoney to alert you when you cross a user-defined threshold.
  • There’s a whole budgeting section giving me control over every aspect of financial planning that I could think of at the time.
  • Not only has the lack of forecasting been addressed, there’s a whole section of the application dedicated to forecasting and planning.
  • All of this ties in with a massively expanded reporting engine, producing multiple types of customisable charts, graphs and textual reports. Want your 90 day cash flow line graph (like I do)? Just plug in the dates and flag it as a favourite report and it’s there.

I really can’t praise KMyMoney CVS enough – it does absolutely everything I want it to do, so my Windows partition is finally going to be converted to a /home partition.

One thing I can’t comment on yet is the stability – I’m running the current bleeding-edge CVS build after all. My plan is to subscribe to the developers announce list so I can get a heads up on any potential show-stoppers. Obviously, I’ll also need to take backups a little more frequently, but that’s a small price to pay 🙂

Yet another free application that shows the commercial boys how it’s done.

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1 comment

  • Dear John,

    Thanks for the review of KMyMoney (0.9?).

    I am another who wants to ditch MS-Money because it ties me to MS.

    Although I have installed KMM 0.8 in Kubuntu 8.04, I tried to install 0.9 but was perplexed by the instructions on how to install from the .tar.bz2. Too many options are given in the INSTALL file.
    I really only know about .deb, .rpm and apt-get.

    Do you know of any site having KMM 0.9 in a more user-friendly format?

    I would really appreciate being pointed in any such direction.

    Thanks in advance,


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