Rhapsody – Live in Canada

Live in Canada CoverI don’t, as a rule, blog about music because I listen to so much of it that I’d never get anything else done. This album, though, warrants an entry for its sheer ACENESS. I find that I get so used to bands being unable to match their over-produced studio efforts on the stage that I tend to not blink an eye at a really bad performance. The excuses; “well, they’ve probably been on the road for six months” or “they probably have a really bad sound engineer” spring to mind.

This album is proof if proof were needed that a lot of bands out there need to get their act together and stop relying on studio trickery to improve their sound. Rhapsody rattle through a dozen or so of very difficult, very complex songs without a missed beat or bum note. The frontman’s ability to wind the audience into a frenzy and the little detours the music make provide that a Rhapsody concert is much more than a bunch of guys running through the tracks on the album.

Even if you don’t particularly like neo-classical modern prog metal, this album is well worth a listen just to see how live music should be done.

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