It had to happen.

Well, it always does really. I generally class the honeymoon period of a new job as the period of time between walking through the door for the first time and the moment where I type vi

So, that halcyon period of belief that every single person around me has clue has ended horribly. A fellow sysadmin, a few weeks ago, provided a dump of a database for the sales guys. For reference, of course. Well, the sales team have been busy going through all the contacts in the database tidying them up, working out who’s moved on, putting in new leads, and so on.

Except they’ve not done all this to the database. Oh no, that would make too much bloody sense. Instead, they’ve sent back a 3,000 row Excel spreadsheet, with no unique IDs and said “Can you punt this back into the database, please?”.

Some people are alive simply because it’s illegal to kill them.

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  • Why can’t microsoft get that stupid paperclip thing to say “You appear to be using a spreadsheet as a database – wouldn’t you rather use the proper tool for the job, you twunt?”

  • What you moanin’ about !!!!!!!!!!! At least you *can* at least script something to update
    the master db – could be worse, you could have a big pile of paper all marked up with
    corrections to manually enter…

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