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Dec 08 2011

Dragon Quest IX

So, sitting here while Hurricane Bawbag howls around Dow Folly. The power keeps dropping out and, as I’ve had to work from home due to the extreme weather warning, I’m thankful, for once, that I have an ipad.

So, with the house shaking all round me, what better time to post a quick update on DQ9.

I played through the preamble and found that my little angelic character has been punted to earth as a mortal. She’s dashed around a lot doing good deeds, killed roaming monsters, and cleared a couple of rather lovely dungeons.

Now at level 19, I’ve just clambered back up to my angelic home only to discover all is not well.

This is a lovely little rpg with a great combat system (and particularly good companion ai if you don’t want to micromanage), all the stats in the world, and stupendous writing.

Nov 30 2011

Dragon Quest IX


So, it’s been a while since I got my teeth into a lengthy RPG on the DS – largely because I haven’t actually owned a DS for a couple of years. My recent acquisition, however, of a shiny new blue 3DS means that I have a huge backlog of JRPGs to catch up on. It seemed fitting that a Square Enix one was first.

Recently, most of my gaming time has been spent on either the brutal-tastic Dark Souls on the 360 or beta testing The Old Republic on the PC. It’s problematic doing this at the weekend due to both my boys nurturing an unhealthy Skyrim obsession – Matts on the PC and Tristan on the 360. So, handheld gaming is where it’s at.

So, while this is a game diary entry, I have to come clean and say that I’ve done nothing more than stick the cart in the 3DS. I will create a character today, and it will be a little girly called Bague (because it’s tradition, dontcha-know) but it’s likely to be tomorrow before I actually start playing. Here’s to the next hundred or so hours of slime-bashing!

Also (whispers) I should probably confess that this is my first Dragon Quest game!

Nov 01 2010

Phantasy Star Universe (360) – Complet0rised!

Well, story mode is finished at least. You know how it is with Phantasy Star – it’s very easy to get a bit obsessive about the online mode, but I’m not going to. Oh no. I’ll have a wee go, sure, but I’m not going to get carried away 🙂 The last couple of chapters of Story mode were particularly good, although the boss fights were a bit on the simple side. They did, however, yield the easiest 400 gamerscore point thingies ever.

So – guardian license acquired and obigatory ‘Bague’ character created. Not sure how to go about getting a screenshot without resorting to a digital camera, but I’ll try.

Mar 06 2010

Final Fantasy (iPhone)

This is the fourth platform I’ve played FF1 on – others being SNES, PS1 and GBA. I have to say, the iPhone version is easily the best. It seems to be a straight port of the very pretty PSP version but with the added advantage of well thought out touch controls. And it’s only a fiver – considerably less than I paid for the other versions.

‘hang on’, you cry. ‘why are you playing a game you’ve already completed?’

Because it’s awesome and it’s on my phone 🙂

So, gabled Garland and I’m heading north on a crystal hunt.

Mar 04 2010

Paper Mario (Wii VC)

OK, so I sneaked a wee go while Tristan was playing Team Fortress 2. So, having woken up in a Goomba hut, I proceeded to go looking for Grampa Goomba, fell off a building, found a hammer in a bush, thumped some blocks, thumped more Goombas, then finally met the King Goomba and thumped him too. Then I saved.

Mar 04 2010

Paper Mario (Wii VC)

So I’m attempting to finish some games that kinda fell by the wayside after The Great Falling Out Of ’09, and Paper Mario came top of the list. One thing I discovered along the way is that Wii Virtual Console purchases aren’t tied to your Nintendo account, they’re tied to the hardware. This means that, shiny new Wii or not, any VC purchases you’ve made need to be purchased again. Nintendo, bless them, did say that if your hardware dies at any time (even out of warranty) they’ll transfer all the purchases over for you. Seems a bit primitive for this day and age, but anyway – I digress.

So, I managed to play about 15 minutes of this last night, but that was just enough time to see that cad, Bowser, kidnapping Princess Peach – AGAIN! Honestly, the man / turtle / thing really needs to get a girlfriend.

Nov 10 2009

Dragon Age: Origins (PC)

Dragon Age: OriginsOk, so it’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of game diary post but that’s largely because I haven’t been playing anything except Left4Dead and Counterstrike and I don’t think any of you really want to read a post that just says ‘BOOM! Headshot!’.

Then Dragon Age came along and, well, it’s a bit good. It’s been tagged as the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate and I can see where they got that idea. It’s party-based, full of things to gank, and heaving with numerous side-quests. It’s kinda like WoW but without the tedious grinding, irritating social aspects, and monthly subscription.

It is also brimming with truly epic events that make you feel like you’re involved in a much greater storyline. Oh, and it has zombies. Who ganked me last night. Girr!

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