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Destiny! Destiny!

There is no escape for me!   Anyway, I caved and bought a next-gen console (in addition to the Wii-U -.-). Usually, I need a critical mass of games I really want before I’ll splurge on a console, and I never got there with the PS3. So far, though, must haves on the PS4 for

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So you know me, you’ve seen my game diary posts. You’ve also noticed that they’ve largely stopped. This is mainly because I really haven’t been playing games. I dunno – just too many other demands on my time. I guess when you’re working full time, looking after children for half of the week, studying for

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Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Well, it’s a very Final Fantasy birthday, I have to say. My lovely lady wife presented me with a copy of Tactics A2 and FF12, so I’ve been in a JRPG/Tactics frenzy. First up – tactics. It’s tactics – nothing else needs to be said, really, but I will anyway. It’s a lot prettier, naturally,

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