Oh dear. I haven’t really been keeping my blog very current, have I? I guess things have been a bit strange over the last few months. I think that’s what the Chinese curse about interesting times means. It has certainly been interesting. But one door closes and another eighteen open. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses, make some changes, and get on with life. So, I had a surprise holiday for some people booked as well as a chunk of savings put aside for a life event  and a change in circumstances made it no longer appropriate or necessary, so what to do? Give the tickets to someone who would appreciate them and blow the spending money and savings on a yacht of course! 🙂

So that’s what I did! This here is Aqua Vitae, a very pretty little Pandora International, currently specced for racing but I’m working on getting a nice balance of racing and cruising. I’m moored in the Forth Estuary, where I plan to get a few seasons of adventuring in while saving money for something a little bigger, at which point I think I may just bugger off. Assuming brexit doesn’t fuck everything up forever, France, Spain, then into the Med sounds like a good plan, but we’ll see what happens.

Life is too short for constantly looking backwards. Forwards is where the fun is. Anyhoo – expect updates and photos and stuff. Been using social media a hell of a lot less than I used to, so here’s where the bananas will be.