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Lego Universe (PC)

Crumbs! I doubt very much if Blizzard are weeping into their cornflakes at this one, but they probably should be. This is pretty similar to the Lego [Star Wars|Indiana jones|Batman] games, with one subtle difference. It’s an MMO. Yes, a bit like World of Warcraft. But with one major difference. It’s a lot of fun. Rather than spending all your time pointlessly grinding Instance Dungeons in the vain hope that some particular part of epic loot drops, Lego Universe is all about imagination and creativity. You can build just about anything you like. You can go adventuring on your own or as a team. Forget priests, mages and warriors – in this you get to be a ninja, or a pirate, or something equally awesome. And did I mention it’s a lot of fun?

Don’t let the 8-12 target age range fool you – I’m a 40 year old RPG fan and I’m having a blast. As are my teenage ‘twitch-shooter’ addict sons and my ten year old daughter. Everyone is getting something out of it.

So, while Blizzard needn’t be worried about losing subscribers to LU, they could take the lesson from it that mindlessly grinding 500 raptors in the hope that ten of them will drop a head (!) is less entertaining than building ‘poofy’ the giraffe out of lego and charging around the landscape on him.

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