Jan 24

Phantasy Star Universe (360)

Hasn’t been much point in updating my Game Diary of late as I’ve not really been playing very many games, with the exception of PSU.

I’m a long-standing fan of the Phantasy Star series and managed to run up a bit of a monster phone bill playing the DreamCast incarnation. The 360 version is just more of the same, and that’s a good thing. I haven’t actually ventured online with it yet, because for the first time, PSU provides a fairly lengthy offline compaign.

OK, so it’s not the prettiest game in the platform and suffers from the odd bit of inexcusable slowdown, but hey – it’s Phantasy Star – it would be ACE in ASCII.

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  1. deKay

    Lies! It isn’t Phantasy Star at all! It’s some almost completely unrelated game using the name!

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