Announcing PressGang

Look up there! At the top! Where the page links are! See that one with ‘PressGang’? Well, that’s a new page that is. I’m currently adding Cocoa/Objective-C to my ever-lengthening list of programming languages and, as it usual for me, I’m writing something useful while learning it. It seems to make it all easier.

PressGang will (eventually) be an Army List Creator for tabletop wargames of the Warhammer Fantasy / 40K / Lord of the Rings ilk, although I’m hoping to keep it modular enough to support arbitrary wargames via a plugin system. 

Anyway, more information (and a link to an announce mailing list) can be found on the page at the top and development posts will be listed in the shiny new ‘Mac Development’ category.

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