Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess COMPLET0R1S0red

Twilight Princess Box ArtIt is complete – at a little over 50 hours, and I reckon there’s 2-3 hours of optional stuff and at least 10 hours of fishing quests still in there. The ending was as epic as games get, really, with lovely protracted titles showing events in the world after the end of the story.

Spoiler Alert – skip this bit if you don’t want a bit of a final-boss giveaway.

Still reading?

Well, the climatic boss fight with Ganondorf was completey ace – his final (fourth!) form was the longest and toughest section (although still not HUGELY tough) – it was a gimmick-free straight up walled swordfight. No tools, no hookshot or bow required – just the shield and the Master Sword against the Big Bad. And it was fab!

So, chalk up another completed Zelda to Mr Gubbins – not only that, but I think it’s the first game I’ve completed since my Castlevania binge at the beginning of the year. Time to get on with Paper Mario methinks.

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