Nov 21

Dear Nelefans

Sorry for the lack of updates. Bandwidth, like water, is a little limited here. So is time, for that matter. We’ve been incredibly busy – rushing around like mad things. Lots to do and see. Today, though, it’s 38 degrees and we’re hiding inside (although I do have to venture out to pick the kids up from school shortly).

38 degrees is strange. It’s like standing in front of an open oven door, but with no wind movement. It’s temperature you hide from.

Anyway, our belongings from the UK arrived today. My guitar didn’t survive the journey, sadly – looks like something was dropped on the fretboard and has broken the poor thing’s neck. Other than that, though, it’s all well. We’re not dragging anything out yet because we’re waiting until we’ve organised our own place.

Overall, we’re settling in very nicely. The people are lovely, the beer is cold, and the school is fantastic. I’m also becoming a dab-hand at working a barbeque. One downside is that the connection to the European Warcraft servers is crap. But the Wii is out in a few weeks so HOORAY!

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  1. christian

    hey dude,

    hope you’ve settled? how’s life all titsup?

    take care

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