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Aug 26 2010

Tig Tag

So, I’ve finally got around to adding some tags to the first couple of dozen articles and adding a tag cloud (it’s down there on the right hand side). It occurred to me that, with near enough 2,000 posts, is kinda outgrowing categories and standard searching, so I thought I might as well get up to date.

The problem is, do I really want to go to the hassle of back-tagging all those articles? Realistically, it will take 38238962398562 years to do it. And you know me, I’m a lazy sod.

Maybe I could promise myself that I’d do a dozen a day and then I could keep that promise for a couple of days until I get distracted by something a little newer and a little shinier.

Maybe I could do that.

Yeah, I like the sound of that.

Aug 18 2010

Hello World

Programmers are allowed to write a “Hello World” program to learn about a new language, so I’ve made a “Hello World” to learn about a new synth. This was played on a Korg MicroKorg. It’s not Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, just a few notes to get the hang of the tiny keyboard and to try out a patch. The recording is a bit rough as it was taken from the headphone socket cos my PC doesn’t have a line in in a convenient place (for now), so there’s a bit of distortion.

Hello World

Apr 07 2010

Digital Economy Bill

The Mail:

From: John Dow
Sent: 18 March 2010 12:09
Subject: Don’t rush through extreme internet laws

John Dow
34 Random Street

Dear Mr Devine

I’m writing to you today because I’m very worried that the Government is planning to rush the Digital Economy Bill into law without a full Parliamentary debate.

The law is controversial and contains many measures that concern me. The controversial Bill deserves proper scrutiny so please don’t let the government rush it through. Many people think it will damage schools and businesses as well as innocent people who rely on the internet because it will allow the Government to disconnect people it suspects of copyright infringement.

Industry experts, internet service providers (like Talk Talk and BT) and huge internet companies like Google and Yahoo are all opposing the bill – yet the Government seems intent on forcing it through without a real debate.

As a constituent I am writing to you today to ask you to do all you can to ensure the Government doesn’t just rush the bill through and deny us our democratic right to scrutiny and debate.

John Dow

The Reply:

On 18 March 2010 12:54, DEVINE, Jim <> wrote:
Good afternoon Mr Dow

Digital Economy Bill

I have spoken to Mr Devine this morning and he has asked me to thank you for your email.

He asked me to let you know that the business of the House of Commons has now been announced up to 5th April 2010 and the second reading of the Digital Economy Bill has not been included.

He would therefore be very surprised if this were to go ahead before the general election is called.

If this situation changes he will, however, do everything he can to ensure that the Minister is made aware of your concerns.

Yours sincerely

Senior Caseworker
Office of Jim Devine MP
Suite 5 – Pentland House

The Rant

Dear Mr Devine,

Thank you for your offices reply. As you’ll be aware, the second reading of the bill in question took place on the 6th. A remarkable coincidence. Also, according to the following article in the Times, my fears were completely justified as very few MPs, actually bothered to attend.

May I draw your attention to the following paragraph from the article:

“The controversial Bill was voted through its second Parliamentary reading, looking increasingly likely to be made into law. However, at its peak turnout, only 40 MPs, approximately five per cent of the total 646 members, showed up to listen to the debate which preceded the vote. ”

As it’s clear that the situation has changed, as you put it, can you let me know what steps you have taken to make the minister aware of my concerns?


John Dow

The state of Government in this country is ridiculous.

And the reprise:

Good afternoon Mr Dow

Mr Devine has asked me to let you know that he been actively making representations to the Minister to ensure a full debate on the Digital Economy Bill  but that, since the General Election has been called and he is not standing as a candidate, it is not appropriate for him to be involved further.

It appears, then, that West Lothian currently has no representation in Parliament. Outstanding.

Feb 23 2010

A Conversation with Dave

Dave: I hate this f*cking place.
Me: It’s a hell-hole.
Dave: If Buffy came in here she’d turn around and walk straight back out.
Me: Faith would get right in there though.
Dave: Yeah. She’s…. dirty.
Me: …..

Jan 25 2010

The Holy Grail of .muttrc Colors

Well, folks, it’s taken me a bazillion and eleventy years to finally decide my “killer” Mutt colour scheme, but here it is. Stick this in your .muttrc and bask in the glory.

color hdrdefault yellow black
color quoted brightred black
color signature magenta black
color indicator brightwhite red
color attachment black green
color error red black
color message white black
color search brightwhite magenta
color status brightyellow blue
color tree red black
color normal white black
color tilde green black
color bold brightyellow black
color markers red black
color header yellow black “.*:”
color header brightwhite black “^(From|Subject):”
mono header bold “^(From|Subject):”
color index brightblue black ~N
color index red black ~F
color index black green ~T
color index brightwhite black ~D
mono index bold ~N
mono index bold ~F
mono index bold ~T
mono index bold ~D

# Various smilies and the like
color body brightgreen black “<[Ee]?[Bb]?[Gg]>”
color body brightgreen black “<[Bb][Gg]>”
color body brightgreen black ” [;:]-*[)>(<|]”

# URLs
color body brightblue black “(http|ftp|news|telnet|finger)://[^ \”\t\r\n]*”
color body brightblue black “mailto:[-a-z_0-9.]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+”
mono body bold “(http|ftp|news|telnet|finger)://[^ \”\t\r\n]*”
mono body bold “mailto:[-a-z_0-9.]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+”

# email addresses
color body brightblue black “[-a-z_0-9.%$]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+\\.[-a-z][-a-z]+”
mono body bold “[-a-z_0-9.%$]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+\\.[-a-z][-a-z]+”

Dec 31 2009

A mini-update

For all you ipod / iphone / mobile users out there, I’ve installed a plugin which should make display a little more shinily on handheld devices – thanks to RedSmartie for the heads up.

Nov 30 2009

The Temple of Bague

It’s back again – my favourite theme for this site. I’ve tried a few others in the past but, really, just looks wrong without the marbled effect and the little relief-bague on it.

The change of theme also serves as an excuse to actually post something too – ever since being sucked into the evils of Facebook, has been sadly neglected. I need to try and make more of an effort, really.

Nov 25 2009

Another day…

…another wordpress version upgrade. Seems like the only time I’m on here is to upgrade the software. Sigh.

Oct 08 2009

Ratings in iTunes

Further to the last post on this subject, I have a new smart playlist. It’s everything with a rating of one or less despite having five or more plays.

It’s called “Stuff I really don’t like.”

I reckon by the time it has enough material in it to fill a DVD-R, I’m going to start archiving off stuff I just don’t listen to any more, in an attempt to keep my library manageable.

Aug 27 2009

Another conversation with Mr Daniels

J.Daniels: Cables: I has them!

J.Dow: w00t! j00 can has cabols!

J.Daniels: I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be less painful to just hang myself with them. they’re quite sturdy. I think they could take it.

J.Dow: Go for it. Can I have your netbook?

J.Daniels: Over my dead b- oh, wait!

‘m wondering if it wouldn’t be less painful to just hang myself with them.
3:44 PM
they’re quite sturdy. I think they could take it.

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