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Feb 23 2010

A Conversation with Dave

Dave: I hate this f*cking place.
Me: It’s a hell-hole.
Dave: If Buffy came in here she’d turn around and walk straight back out.
Me: Faith would get right in there though.
Dave: Yeah. She’s…. dirty.
Me: …..

Aug 27 2009

Another conversation with Mr Daniels

J.Daniels: Cables: I has them!

J.Dow: w00t! j00 can has cabols!

J.Daniels: I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be less painful to just hang myself with them. they’re quite sturdy. I think they could take it.

J.Dow: Go for it. Can I have your netbook?

J.Daniels: Over my dead b- oh, wait!

‘m wondering if it wouldn’t be less painful to just hang myself with them.
3:44 PM
they’re quite sturdy. I think they could take it.
Aug 12 2009

A conversation with JD

j.daniels: 15 minute job to move disks and filesystems? That’s impressive. What’s your secret?
j.dow: no, fifteen minute job to shut down box, add disks, and bring box back up
j.daniels: Ahh.
j.dow: the rest of it can be done hot. This is the cunning nature of sysadmins.
j.daniels: Sadly, not cunning enough to dodge your bed?
j.dow: it’s the exhaustion brought on by having such a highly powered intellect.
j.daniels: Or the crash after eating too much sugar.
j.dow: both are possible.

Jul 13 2009

A conversation with Dave

(15:19:21) j.dow/Home: Matey – can I schedule a two hour outage some evening to take a cold backup of live?
(15:19:41) Dave: aye
(15:19:54) j.dow/Home: or morning would work just as well (and be quieter)
(15:20:01) Dave: get a date in mind and then i’ll pass to Simon to notify the clients
(15:20:13) Dave: Morning may indeed be better if you can handle it
(15:20:16) j.dow/Home: wednesday, 5am?
(15:20:25) j.dow/Home: I’ll script it 🙂
(15:20:31) j.dow/Home: then get up to check it’s back up 🙂
(15:21:08) Dave: I think what you mean is you’ll “fandazzle it”
(15:21:30) Dave: that way the schnoozing should be positivly Christmaster
(15:21:31) j.dow/Home: exactly 🙂
(15:21:56) j.dow/Home: and I can ping you a spofnigator to congogulate the reticulated splines.
(15:22:22) Dave: absolcisely

Jun 17 2009


…there appears to be a conspicuous absense of Orange Stupid in the office today. It’s like we’ve been granted a temporary reprieve or a stay of execution. I guess it’s only a matter of time before it returns. However, let’s take a minute to have a little look around.

I went for a nap at lunchtime yesterday. The sun was out and there was a lovely mid-June warmth in the air. That, coupled with a fresh sea breeze from the harbour, made it eminently nappable. So, not wanting to lie on the grass exposed to the various bitey-stingy-clawy beasts, I opted for the car approach. I at least had the foresight to set the alarm so I wouldn’t over snooze, but as it was the birdsong, breeze and murmers of traffic soon lulled me into a full-on one-leg-out-the-window, arms akimbo snorefest. Which was nice.

It looks like I’m going to be in London for part of next week, so I’m debating whether or not to apply the same technique to my usual on-the-plane snooze.

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