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Sep 17

Bill Cheatham

Still getting to grips with this one but it’s a nice cheerful song.

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Sep 14

Arkansas Traveller (again)

This is fast becoming my “Cheering up” tune. I like. Going to be trying a bit of standard C tuning (gCGBD) soon, then after that I’ll be into some dorian modal stuff in G-modal (mountain minor)(gDGCD). Exciting times!

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Sep 12

Cripple Creek at three-and-a-bit months

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Sep 03

Foggy Mountain Fakedown

Twice. In just under thirty seconds. Okay, so it could use some practice, but who says clawhammer players can’t do bluegrass? 🙂

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Aug 26

Celtic-American Medley

Okay, this is a medley of three tunes. It really has to be practiced that way as all three tunes, despite sounding vaguely similar, use very different techniques and if I focus on one I lose the ability to do the other 🙂 The tunes are Hop high Ladies, Red-Haired Boy (Little Beggarman) and Turkey …

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Jul 29

Week 7 – Hop High Ladies

This one is a tricky wee monkey. I’ve only really been playing it this morning so it’s still very rough and being played at about a half to a third the speed it should be. Lovely tune though.

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