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Wreck on the Highway revisited

Been learning a lot of stuff in G-modal and C-modal tunings of late. A lot of really fast, really complicated, and really difficult things. It gets tiring. So, I thought I’d drop back into open G tuning and just try and do something simple. I think, sometimes, you need to put the complexity aside and just reconnect with the music.

As an aside, I’ve recently bought a copy of Tabedit and used this simple song as a way to learn the interface. If you want to try the tune yourself, you can download the tablature here.

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Waterbound – the less shouty version

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The Indifference of Heaven

Just because. No particular reason.

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Two wrongs don't make a right, but two Wrights did once make an aeroplane. Unless you're talking integer maths where two wrongs DO actually make a right. Also, three lefts make a right.