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Jul 15 2013

State of the Gaming Nation (in my house)

So, I’ve not really been doing much gaming for the last year or two. Just fiddling with a few titles here and there. It’s a bit of a recurring ennui, really. I can pin-point pretty much where this lengthy slump came from. It pretty much coincides with the end of the Gamecube era and the start of the Wii era.

Throughout its life, there was a steady stream of seriously good (to my eyes – I have odd tastes) titles appearing on pretty much a monthly basis on the cube. A fair few of them I still pull out every now and again. More than a few have gone in my gaming top-ten-of-all-time.

So, to say I was disappointed with the Wii is an understatement. I’m sure there were some good titles released, but the sheer volume of utter shovelware pumped onto the system did a damn fine job of masking it. Even the first-party titles didn’t particularly shine for me (with a few exceptions). Something I’d normally consider unthinkable happened. Skyward Sword – a Zelda game – is sitting on my shelf. I haven’t played it. And I LOVE Zelda.

Anyway, things appear to be looking up. I have a 3DS and it’s starting to get some damn good titles. Titles of a quality that it’s beginning to feel a bit like the Gamecube era. In the last six months or so I’ve bought Ocarina (again :)), Cave Story, Harvest Moon, Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Luigi’s Mansion 2. Without exception, they are magnificent.

In fact, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is SO magnificent that I’ve just bought a Wii-U to play it on. Thank God, it looks like Nintendo are getting their act together.

Dec 21 2009


Another year draws to a close and this one’s been a little odd. I guess if it was a Victorian children’s novel, chapter 2009 would be subtitled “In which many things long since dead were laid to rest and a surprising new door opens.”

So, I’m forty next year. Not yet, but nearly. One thing that has provided me with much amusement over the last year has been watching the ridiculous mid-life crises of people who should know better. As a lot of my friends are of a comparable age, there’s a great deal of panic and flapping taking place about the impending arrival (and, in some cases, passing) of the big Four-Oh. It really is hilarious.

The ravages of time notwithstanding, I appear to be faring well in this regard. I still don’t feel like I’m almost forty but also have no desire to go rushing about pretending I’m twenty-five. The best aspect of the whole thing is that a lot of people – especially work mates – are beginning to accept my curmudgeonly behaviour on the grounds that ‘I’m getting on a bit’ and that’s fine by me 🙂

Got a fair few things in my life nailed down now and managed to cultivate a certain ‘stillness’ within me. It’s nice to feel anchored these days, rather than constantly feeling cast about by the whims of time and tide.

I still need more bookshelves. That appears to be the plus ca meme chose in my life. Everything else ebbs and flows, but the need for bookshelves remains constant.

Also this year, I’ve witnessed the blossoming of my eldest child into a Team Fortress player of awe-inspiring ability. His mastery of sniping-on-the-hoof is breathtaking and a little annoying. One day I’ll get him on Q3A, then we’ll see who the boss is.

Of course, my attention span seems to be decreasing in indirect proportion to my age – I’m fed up of typing now. I’ll muse a bit more as the year dies its hideous lingering death.

Oct 16 2009

A thought.

There comes a time, with some people, when you have to decide whether their seeming inability to understand the simplest of things is because they WON’T LISTEN or because they are actually just thick.

Arrogance and stupidity are sometimes difficult to tell apart.

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