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State of the Gaming Nation (in my house)

So, I’ve not really been doing much gaming for the last year or two. Just fiddling with a few titles here and there. It’s a bit of a recurring ennui, really. I can pin-point pretty much where this lengthy slump came from. It pretty much coincides with the end of the Gamecube era and the

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Another year draws to a close and this one’s been a little odd. I guess if it was a Victorian children’s novel, chapter 2009 would be subtitled “In which many things long since dead were laid to rest and a surprising new door opens.” So, I’m forty next year. Not yet, but nearly. One thing

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A thought.

There comes a time, with some people, when you have to decide whether their seeming inability to understand the simplest of things is because they WON’T LISTEN or because they are actually just thick. Arrogance and stupidity are sometimes difficult to tell apart.

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