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Fallout 3 (360) & Final Fantasy (iPhone)

I haven’t done a game diary post in aaaaaaages – mostly because I’ve been so busy doing five-minutely status updates via facebook and twitter that there’s been little point. Well, hell – I do still play the occasional game, so I’m gonna make a point of putting the occasional update here, if only to justify

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Final Fantasy (iPhone)

This is the fourth platform I’ve played FF1 on – others being SNES, PS1 and GBA. I have to say, the iPhone version is easily the best. It seems to be a straight port of the very pretty PSP version but with the added advantage of well thought out touch controls. And it’s only a

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A mini-update

For all you ipod / iphone / mobile users out there, I’ve installed a plugin which should make nelefa.org display a little more shinily on handheld devices – thanks to RedSmartie for the heads up.

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